Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lake Sakakawea - Tobacco Gardens Bay

(Early morning paddling through the delta heading into Lake Sakakawea)

Despite the wind and intermittent service, I spoke with Joe after an interesting morning. After a great rest in Williston (again, much thanks to Linda for her help in town), Joe said he was rudely awakened at one am by a raccoon intruder in camp. The attempts of scaring it away while in the tent were futile, so Joe, sandals and all, left the tent armed with the backup paddle, ready to lay waste to the critter. The raccoon escaped, but Joe’s flesh did not, as the mosquitoes, “mercilessly attacked my [his] flesh.” The night’s activities resulted in a few bug bites and a loss of shut eye heading onto another large lake.

(A large log floating down the river into Lake Sakakawea)

A view of Lake Sakakawea from space .

(Tobacco Gardens in a small bay on the south side towards the left side)

The wind was blowing when he woke up and it was perfect time to really try the sail out. He said it worked well, almost too well, as it propelled him across the lake at a few whitecaps that had formed. He had to put the sail down because every time he would crest a whitecap, the Mary Agnes would take on water, forcing him to bail out for parts of the morning. Regardless, Joe still cruised, putting in 41 miles today, with the last 9 coming in just an hour. He is currently camped close to the entrance to Tobacco Garden Bay.

(Camp my first night on Lake Sakakawea)

Lake Sakakawea has a different feel to it that Fort Peck Lake, with one difference being the numerous places to camp along the coastline. This is definitely a great change from the jutting fingers of land that caused the numerous open-water crossings on Fort Peck Lake. Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be great, so Joe’s goal is just past New Town.

Lake Sakakawea near New Town

Also, our uncle, Dave Johnston, is planning to meet up with Joe on Lake Sakakawea, so he’ll be around some company for the latter portion of the lake and the portage. I will probably talk with Joe once he settles in for camp tomorrow night, so the blog will be updated then.

Joe uploaded a bunch of photos in Williston, so feel free to check back on past blogs to see the corresponding day’s photos.

(Dinner: Macaroni, Tuna, Cheese and a protein drink)

Paddle on,


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