Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 3 - Mann Gulch

Hey bloggers,

I just realized that I had not introduced myself. I am Jared Forrester, Joe's brother and blogger for his Paddling for Parkinson's adventure. I am out in San Diego, far from the river, but Joe is contacting me through a satellite phone (cell phone if service permits). I am then transcribing those conversations, adding in tidbits from other people he might run into. Day One was a compilation from Norm Miller, Joe, as well as my father, Joseph. Also, the check-in's on the map are in eastern time, for all those who are really checking often (Uncle Dave Diephuis, that one is for you). Feel free to contact me at with any questions, suggestions, etc. I will be trying to check Joe's email as well, but a safer bet is to send it to the above email address.

Yesterday Joe was able to leave a message after another long day on the river. He camped in a gorgeous area of the country last night, the Gates of the Mountains Wilderness.

The area was named by Lewis and Clark as the imposing walls of limestone made the river look like a gate to them. A photo of the area, showing those walls, is posted below:

It is close to the Mann Gulch, an area famous for the 1949 wildfire that took the lives of 13 firefighters. Author Norman Maclean wrote the book, Young Men and Fire, describing the incident in detail. James Keelaghan wrote a song about this fire, “Cold Missouri Waters,” after being inspired by the tale. A link to a Mann Gulch Tribute slideshow, put to the song covered by Cry, Cry, Cry is posted here. (Just click on the hyperlink; all other links are to wikipedia, which describe more in detail).

Today Joe is up early, trying to do a long push and log some more miles in this beautiful area of the country. I hope to talk to him later today, so I will update the blog as soon as I hear from him.

Paddle on,


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