Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 8 - Eagle Creek

Hello again bloggers,

After a 56 mile paddle today, I was able to talk with Joe twice on the satellite phone. To date, Joe is representing the Colorado area code well, paddling 303 miles on the Missouri River. Joe woke up at 5 am in Fort Benton after a much better night sleep, thanks to no more drunken hooligans. However, a feral cat tried to snuggle with him in the tent and Joe had to remind him that it was a solo journey, no stowaways allowed. He started the trek from Fort Benton at 7 am, passing by the Marias River. This river confused some in Lewis and Clark’s party, as they thought this might be the main branch of the Missouri River as they were heading upstream. The river is also famous for the Marias Massacre, in which over 200 Piegans (A Native American tribe) were killed at the hands of US cavalrymen. (By clicking the links you can find out more information on both).

After passing by the historical Marias, Joe stopped at Coal Banks put-in for lunch with Bill and Janice (I’m sorry if the spelling is wrong, Joe was a little unclear on the sat phone). He made sure to say that the apple was much appreciated though. He also mentioned that a large herd of wild horses were here up until the 1960’s. Joe then continued on, ending up camping around 5 pm at Eagle Creek Campground.

Joe's kayak at the Eagle Creek campground

Eagle Creek Campground is on the right

Joe was still feeling energized and wanted to work out those soon-to-be-scrawny legs, so he hiked up the Neat Coulee late afternoon.

He tells me high walls and junipers made it a little precarious, but he took a bunch of great photographs, so look forward to those additions the next time he gets internet access.

Tomorrow Joe will be passing by Judith Landing, in hopes of reaching the Fort Peck Lake in 2 ½ days. He said the winds are coming out of the Northeast, so hopefully he’ll be able to use the sail to help him along.

On a side note, the two spot beacon updates before his final destination were where Lewis and Clark camped on June 10th and June 12th. Joe did this as our parent’s birthdays are on these dates, Dad, today, the 10th, Mom on the 12th. Both are turning 53 years young this year; Happy birthday to both!

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