Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day 2 - Canyon Ferry Reservoir

Day 2 on the river was much more of a grind for Joe than the fast moving water of day 1. He spent a long, hard day on the flat water of the Canyon Ferry Reservoir.

The paddle grip caused him a little problem with forearm fatigue, but after a little adjustment, he was able to relive the discomfort and paddle on. The end of the day brought the portage of the dam and he is now camped just pass the dam.

Yesterday, a delectable dinner of cornbread with some cheese was on the paddling menu…mmmm! But tonight, Frank and Terri treated him with a good ol’ home cooked meal with a few nice brews to cap off a great second day.

Tomorrow brings another day portaging, with two dams to cross. However Joe tells me that the Canyon Ferry was much more of a challenge than the two tomorrow will be.

If you haven’t had a chance, be sure to check out the article written up in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. These were the reporters that were there to see Joe put in at the headwaters yesterday and wrote a great write up about the journey.

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