Friday, June 26, 2009

Lake Sakakawea- Rendezvous with Dave

(Early morning sunshine on an early morning paddle)

I just received a very enthusiastic call from Joe, after another wonderful day on Lake Sakakawea. He was able to meet up with Uncle Dave Johnston yesterday and enjoyed some great company both yesterday and today. Apparently Dave's journey down from Minnesota was long and with little sleep, but they are both having a great time now.

(looking out over the open water of the Van Hook Arm of Lake Sakakawea)

(A number of cows enjoying the water on a hot day around Independence Point)

Dave and Joe found a great campsite last night near Independence point. It was a sandy beach spot, right next to the water. The weather cooperated with them, allowing for clear water and few clouds. Along with the tasty Corona's Dave brought, Joe said it was like kicking back at the playa in Mexico.

(Dave preparing some delicious salmon and Notch, Dave's pheasant hunting machine in the boat)

The dinners have also improved with Dave's arrival. Last night, they cooked up some salmon over an open fire fueled by cow chips. He said it gave the meat a mesquite flavor and was delicious.

(Our delicious salmon meal con Corona Cerveza)

The day on the water was great. In the morning, they took out Dave's kite and went sailing around the lake. The afternoon was spent paddling, ending up at the edge of Beaver Creek Bay, bringing his total to around 900 miles paddled. Tomorrow, Dave and Joe will be finishing up on Lake Sakakawea, ending at Garrison Dam. From there it will be a day or two before he reaches Bismarck and will be able to enjoy two rest days there. Joe will be able to upload more photos and update the blog when in town, so check back for new photos from the trip then.

Paddle on,


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