Saturday, June 13, 2009

Day 10 - Rock Creek Campground

I spoke with Joe briefly yesterday and received a message when he pulled into camp. It was an unexpectedly longer day than usual, with 70 miles paddled.

It was a great scenic day, this time spotting a herd of twenty or so bighorn sheep at the river’s edge. Joe is really enjoying this section of the river, regardless of the long hours. He said the views are amazing; the cliffs and wildlife are combining for a great section along the Missouri.

He originally wanted to camp at James Kipp State park; however, when he arrived, there was a large group already at the campsite. Joe decided it was probably best to not have an encounter similar to his sleepless night at Fort Benton, so he pushed on. The only problem was, the next campsite was full as well. As Joe was sitting down over a delicious tuna stroganoff dinner, he left me a phone message when he finally arrived at Rock Creek Campground.
Even though the day was long, it puts him in good position to get onto Fort Peck Lake proper tomorrow, where a good challenge will begin.

Currently he is in the delta of Fort Peck Lake, and will be on the lake shortly.

I’ll be expecting a call from him sometime this afternoon/night, so I will be able to give a more in depth entry later tonight

Paddle on,

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Tiffany said...

As much as I enjoy reading about Joe's paddle, I also really appreciate the links you are putting in. The Lewis and Clark journals are fascinating!

Thanks for keeping us all updated and I wish Joe the best on his lake challenge ahead!