Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lake Sakakawea- Four Bear's Park

(Early morning Alpenglow paddling on Lake Sakakawea)

Joe sounded great yesterday, very optimistic after his longest flat water day. He paddled 31 miles on flat water, the last 10 he managed with a strong headwind. He said the last section was very challenging, but he was unexpectedly rewarded by some amazing North Dakota residents. While on the water, he ran into some very kind folks who invited him over for a pizza dinner at the Four Bear’s Campsite (also his campsite for last night). He wanted to pass along a great thank you for the delicious meal and wonderful company, especially after a challenging day.

The Bridge at New Town, near the Four Bear's Camp

(My View of the Four Bears/New Town Bridge)

His day wasn’t all a grind though; he was able to enjoy another great day along scenic Lake Sakakawea. His sightseeing paid off, as he spotted a paddlefish jump out of the water 30 feet from his boat. (For the picture and brief description of the fish, click here, the blog from June 11th.)
(Camp at the Four Bears Campground)

In kayaking by New Town, Joe passed by the Verendrye National Monument , commemorating what could be considered the earliest western exploration into the Missouri River area. In 1742, 60 years before Lewis and Clark, Pierre Gaultier de Varennes and his two sons explored what is now North Dakota on the way to Manitoba, Canada. The exploration was an unsuccessful attempt to reach the Pacific Ocean by a land route.

Joe’s goal for today is to make it to Independence point. He will also try and rendezvous with Uncle Dave Johnston today, so hopefully Joe will be in good company tonight.

An aerial view of Independence Point, Lake Sakakawea

Paddle on,

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