Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 9- McGarry Bar


Despite the high canyon walls and changing winds, I was able to talk with Joe on the satellite phone for a short time yesterday afternoon. He was able to follow up a great 56 mile push with a 53 mile effort yesterday. Now there is only another 46 miles till he begins a real test in Fort Peck Lake. That also means that once at James Kipp State Park, his goal for today, he will have paddled 17% of the Missouri River!

Bighorn Sheep at River's edge

His toughest paddling is yet to come though, as the three large lakes are still ahead of him. His miles will slow down on the lakes, as the current of the river that has aided him thus far will cease. Hopefully his sail, which he was not able to use yesterday due to the swirling winds, will help make up for the lack of current on the lake.

"White Cliffs" just outside of Judith Landing, MT

As for the day itself, Joe said it went well, despite the impending thunderstorms on the horizon. His legs weren’t too tired after the hike up Neat Coulee and both his wrist and shoulders are really acclimatizing to the work load of paddling for such an extended period of time. This section of the river is supposed to be some of the most beautiful and he said it didn’t disappoint. For wildlife, he spotted two coyotes, which is a much welcome change than a feral cat.

Last night, he camped at McGarry’s Bar campsite. It is the same spot that Lewis and Clark camped back on May 27th, 1805. The actual journal entry from Lewis and Clark on that day, can be found here.

Also, be sure to check out the article that was written up in the Saline Reporter. It is the hometown newspaper for my grandparent's and speaks briefly about the trip and Joe's connection to Saline.

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