Monday, August 24, 2009

Into Louisiana


With the great push over the weekend, Joe has now entered Louisiana, his final state in the paddling of the Missouri/Mississippi River systems! After setting out from his campsite at mile marker 576 Joe put in another longer day on the river, paddling between 63 and 64 miles on Saturday.

(Paddling with tunes and the heat)

He had a great day, meeting multiple great folks on the river. Some of those folks invited him back to their hunting club for the night and they all had a great time. Joe would like to thank all those at the Worthington Island Hunting Club, his hosts for Saturday night, for all their hospitality and company. It was a great way to cap off another great day on the lower Mississippi. The Hunting Club crew also left Joe with a nice Jeopardy fact, August is National Catfish Month. For more reading on the catfish, visit the following website:

(The Tito's Sandbar crew before they took me to Worthington Island Hunt Club)

The cloudy, cooler weather continued for Joe on Saturday, affording him the longer miles. The northwest breeze took some of the strain off the shoulders, allowing Joe to sail for a better part of the day.

Yesterday (Sunday), Joe put in a 59 mile day, ending up at mile marker 454. His cell phone was running low on battery when I spoke with him; therefore, it was brief conversation. He did say that the great paddling weather continued. It should be similar today, allowing Joe to hopefully get below mile marker 400. Joe is currently around the historic city of Vicksburg, MS. You can read about the city's importance in the lower Mississippi valley and its large role in the Civil War here.

With the great weather and effort over the weekend, Joe has put himself within a 4 to 5 day reach of Baton Rouge, LA. From there it should only be a few more days to New Orleans and a couple more to the Gulf Coast! Today's conversation should be a very brief, due to the lower cell phone battery, so I will be updating the community in a couple of days time.

(Another beautiful sunrise on the Mississippi)

Paddle on,


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