Thursday, August 20, 2009

Clarksdale, Round 2

Hello to all you bloggers from Clarksdale, MS!

Well, my original plan was to hop on the water this morning and put in some miles but the weather had other ideas. After John Ruskey from Quapaw Outfitters dropped me off at the landing we launched our boats. John and his daughter were going to paddle the section below Island 63.

(John and his daughter, Emma Lou)

However, within minutes the clouds raced in and the wind picked up. The sky turned dark. John, who had paddled a little ahead of me to where the backwater meets the river, said "You know, you can always come back to the house and go out tomorrow."

(John Ruskey's home in Clarksdale)

This was a decision point for me. Continue on and get "weathered" or go back to town. Early in the trip I would have said "paddle on!" but experience on this river had made me more cautious. Deciding to wait out the storm from Clarksdale seemed to be not only safer but also more enjoyable as well so I turned the nose of the Mary Agnes back toward the Quapaw Landing. As we pulled the boats out of the water the heavens unleashed, and rain started pouring down. I hate to not be paddling, but the river was teaching me a lesson.

(The mighty Sunflower River coursing through Clarksdale)

(View of Clarksdale)

So, now, here I sit, drydocked. One more day of the blues, rest, and relaxation will only fuel my progress tomorrow!

Joe enjoying some blues in the home of Delta Blues, Clarksdale, MS

Until next time,


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