Monday, August 10, 2009

Depart from St. Louis to Crystal City, MO


Hello, this is Jared, back to blogging after a week break for Joe's stay in the Washington/St. Louis, MO area. He had an amazing time in town and would like to thank all for their support and generosity, especially the Hoven's for the great hospitality and company.

Joe's put-in on Sunday with the help of the Hoven's

Saturday was a great celebration as Joe's college friends, who drove straight from Colorado, met up with him at the County Fair where the Steve Miller Band was playing. The concert and, more importantly, the company were great and it was hard for Joe to depart from St. Louis. He had a little taste of normal life, after over 2 months on the river, and it was bittersweet to begin the Mississippi River.

Joe departing down the Mississippi (the last photo really shows how small Joe and the Mary Agnes are compared to the Mighty Mississippi)

The hot weather continued for Joe yesterday (Sunday), remaining in the 90's, feeling like 100 degrees F with the humidity. Fortunately, NRS shipped out a Meshback PFD, a life vest that will provide more relief from the heat than his old lifejacket could provide.

Joe sporting the new NRS meshback PFD (photos and video courtesy of Niels Van Den Boogert and Janet Hoven)

Joe put in the Mississippi at 11:30 am on Sunday, a later start than usual. He paddled 33 miles, ending near Crystal City, MO. Today (Monday), his goal is to make it past St. Genevieve, MO, hopefully totaling 50 or so miles. Joe has also solidified his itinerary for the rest of the trip. He hopes to arrive in Memphis August 17th and finish the trip Labor Day weekend in New Orleans, with weather permitting. I will speak with Joe later tonight and update the community at that time.

Paddle on,


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