Monday, August 3, 2009

Hermann, MO to Klondike Boat Ramp


Hello again, Jared here with a little intermission from Joe’s blogs. He is currently camped at the Klondike boat landing, 56 miles away from the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. He had an amazing past 2 days and he’ll be blogging about it all tomorrow when he completes the Missouri River! The post will be a long one, full of pictures from Hermann and the flotilla from today, so get ready.

Also, be sure to check out another water race that is coming through the same area at the same time as Joe, the MR340. It is an endurance race, by boat, across the state of Missouri, starting tomorrow in Kansas City and ending 88 hours later in St. Charles. More information can be found at their website,

After Joe’s stay in the greater St. Louis Area, I will be taking the blogging duties back over until Joe’s completion of the Mississippi in the Big Easy.

Enjoy the upcoming blogs and paddle on,


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