Friday, July 31, 2009

Miami, MO and Glasgow, MO

(Sunset on "Miami Beach")

From Lexington, Joe put in a 53 mile day to arrive in Miami, Missouri on Thursday. The weather was better, with the temperature remaining in the low 80’s all day. The manageable heat and humidity continued on today as well. Upon arrival, he headed into the local trading post, located in a local’s home, and got a few hamburgers, which he said were amazing after a decent day on the river. Miami is a very small town, but still has some internet history on the area. Feel free to visit to learn more on the area in Saline County, Missouri (A small coincidence that our grandfather and grandmother live in Saline, Michigan).

(I had the Will Smith song stuck in my head the whole time I was camped here and couldn't help but laugh.)

(The Trading Post at Miami where I had my hamburgers)

The following day (Friday), Joe paddled a relaxing 37 miles on the river, traveling to another historic city on the river, Glasgow, Missouri. On October 15, 1864, the town hosted the Battle of Glasgow. It was part of Major General Sterling Price’s Missouri Expedition in the Civil War. We met Price in the last blog as he was the commanding officer in the first Battle of Lexington in 1861. Price’s Missouri Expedition was a diversionary tactic to try and draw the Union away from the struggling Confederate forces in Tennessee, Georgia, and Virginia. In Glasgow, the confederates were led by Brigadier General John Bullock Clark, Jr., who began attacking the town at 5 am, driving the Union forces to the hill. The Union forces, led by Colonel Chester Harding, realized their chances were slim and surrendered around 1:30 pm. The confederate troops sacked the town, taking muskets, horses, and horses before rejoining with Maj. General Price. (More information about the battle can be read here and here).

("Tank" from Glasgow, MO. Thanks for the pizza and breakfast sandwiches!)

Tomorrow, Joe will be arriving in Cooper’s Landing for a great evening of music, food, and fun. He should be paddling around 56 miles tomorrow before the fun begins. Norm Miller’s friends in the area have set up a Party for Parkinson’s and it should be an awesome time for all. I hope to talk with him tomorrow, before the festivities begin, and look forward to updating the community at that time.
(Glasgow, MO)

Paddle On,

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