Saturday, July 25, 2009

From Nebraska to the Border of Kansas


Joe’s past two days of the river have taken him through the state of Nebraska, ready to take on his next challenge in Kansas. From where we last left off, his gracious hosts for the night, Dave and Lynn, were able to help him resupply and stock up on some new books. They then helped Joe off in the morning and he began paddling through the 88 degree heat towards his Thursday night camp in Brownville, Nebraska, 57 miles away.

Sunrise in Brownville

Joe setting off from the boat ramp

Showing off the guns, ready for another day on the Missouri River

Off again (all photos courtesy of David Olson)

The area is home to a famous steamboat, the Captain Meriwether Lewis, which was built in 1932 by the Marietta Manufacturing Company for the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers.

the Captain Meriwether Lewis

It is now permanently docked in Brownville. More can be learned about the famous steamboat here. Joe actually ran into Gene, a crew member on the steamboat, who was able to give him a little personal history on the area.

Joe said he is getting used to life with current, but the heat and humidity are his newest challenges. This is a complete change from the start of his trip in Three Forks, Montana, when he was bundled up, protecting himself from the sleet and rain.

A paler, clean shaven Joe on June 2nd, setting off from Great Falls, Montana (photo courtesy of Norm Miller)

The heat continued today (Friday), reaching 90 degrees at some points. The weather should probably remain like this as he moves closer and closer to his final destination of the Big Easy. Fortunately though his radio has begun picking up more stations, so he has been passing his time on the river with some educational NPR programming. His day today was similar to the previous in length, paddling 58 miles. He is currently camped on a Payne's landing near the Nebraska/Kansas border, two days of paddling away from Kansas City.

(At the cross roads outside of Payne's Landing, MO)

Joe is planning on taking a day of rest there, as our cousin, Kara Athey, lives there and will help him out resupplying in town.

Also, I forgot to mention in the last blog post that the Omaha World Herald printed a brief article about the trip, which can be found here. And, most importantly, TOMORROW IS Joe’s 25th BIRTHDAY!!! Instead of frosting laden cake with 25 candles and a little birthday cap, he’ll be celebrating it paddling down the greatest river system in the United States, inching his way to New Orleans, raising money for a great cause. What a way to celebrate! Hopefully the heat and humidity aren’t too unbearable on such a great day. I will speak with him tomorrow, maybe dropping in a little birthday jingle, and look forward to updating the Paddling for Parkinson’s community at that time.

Paddle on,


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