Friday, July 3, 2009

Lake Oahe Delta

Hello again bloggers, this is Jared, back at it after Joe’s two rest days in Bismarck. Unfortunately, he was not able to get to a computer to do his second blog on Bismarck, describing his nutrition, but we will attempt it later.

Yesterday, he was able to meet with a Parkinson’s Support Group in Bismarck. He loved it, able to converse with others that are afflicted by his disease. He spoke for a bit about the journey, presented a slide show with his pictures of the journey thus far, and answered questions. The people were great; He told me that it reminded him of why he was doing this in the first place. He was touched by all the love and support and it reinvigorated him for this hard stretch that is Lake Oahe..

Joe before he took off from Lakewood Canal in Mandan, ND on his way out to Lake Oahe (Photo courtesy of Vern)

Special thanks goes out Gail and Ed for all their hospitality, especially the wonderful breakfast this morning before he put in. As for the put in, Joe also wanted to thank Vern and Arlo for all their help. The people of Bismarck were unbelievably friendly and supportive to him and he wants to thank all of you!

Photo taken by Vern of Joe departing down the Lakewood Canal

A few miles after Joe put in, he passed by a historic site of the old West. Fort Abraham Lincoln, named in honor of President Abraham Lincoln in 1872, was an important fort in the Dakota Territory in the 1870’s. It is also the home base from which General Custer led his troops out on the Centennial Campaign at the Battle of Little Bighorn. The fort is now a state park preserved for visitors and history buffs alike. The main website can be found here.

A view of Fort Abraham Lincoln in 1880

Joe proceeded down the delta of Lake Oahe, able to paddle a total of 38 miles today. He felt strong after the rest days and could have pushed on; however, a thunderstorm was approaching. The upcoming 20 miles of mud flats did not sound like such a fun task with the weather. For this lake, Joe said that he will need to be patient and not try and fight the weather, as was the case with Lake Sakakawea. He will be alone on Lake Oahe and without the excellent help of Uncle Dave, so Joe said he will take what the weather gives him every day. That said, his goal tomorrow is past the Beaver Creek Campground, weather cooperating. Lake Oahe will test him in his resolve, but Joe has the right mindset going into it.

An Aerial View of Lake Oahe

I will hear from him sometime tomorrow afternoon and I look forward to updating the Paddling for Parkinson’s community on Joe’s progress tomorrow.

Paddle on,


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