Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday Paddling!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! I took advantage of the beautiful weather today in Charlottesville (60F and sunny) to get out and go paddling, "suns out-guns out style". My knuckles were a bit sore from ice climbing yesterday, so some cool water was going to feel great. I drove out to Rivanna Reservoir first. Unfortunately, the lake was still frozen over so I drove back to Darden Towe park. I decided for a change of pace that I was going to do some intervals. I paddled 1/5th of a mile upstream at a casual pace, and then booked it down stream at 100% power. After about an hour, I decided that my shoulders had been sufficiently beaten, and paddled around leisurely for awhile. Another great day out on the boat. Make sure to check out my website at to see my location and the most up to date information about my trip.

Hope everyone enjoys the game!

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