Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rivanna, America's First Scenic River

Sunday Morning, 5/10/2009. The alarm starts beeping at 6 which, for me, is actually sleeping in right now. I have been having some early mornings on my Orthopedic Trauma rotation. After brewing up some coffee and cooking some really sweet apple cinnamon pancakes, I started rousing the troops. I needed to convince my roommate Jim Heckman to drop me off at Darden Towe Park and my roommate Brett Beel to pick me up in Palmyra. My plan was to paddle the 24 miles from Cville to Palmyra while Beel was road biking.

When Jim dropped me off at Darden Towe Park, I quickly realized that the current was moving very quick. All the rain we had been receiving the past several days had really flooded the river. Awesome! That meant a faster descent, even if the river was a bit muddier. The air temps were around 74 degrees, and the skies were sunny. It was a beautiful paddle.

The geese and turles were out in full force, but the highlight was certainly a four foot black rat snake that crossed the river in front of me. It was pretty cool. I ended up paddling this historic stretch in 4:45min. I was happy with the time and am feeling really prepared for the trip. I can't believe that it is 2.5 weeks away. As I paddled down "Mr. Jefferson's River" I couldn't help but feel the pull of the wide open spaces out West, calling me toward adventure.

In other news, I am very happy to report that Hilleberg Tents has agreed to provide me a prodeal for the trip. I received my Nallo GT in the mail earlier this week. I am really looking forward to spending some time in that bad boy! I will have a review of the tent coming up as soon as I get a chance to camp a bit more once the trip starts.

For now, it is back to the OR, my last week of Orthopedic Trauma awaits!

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