Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Paddling For Parkinson's Shirts and Food news

Hello all,

I am excited to announce that there are now shirts available that you can purchase to show your support for the Paddling For Parkinson's trip. Here is a picture of the shirts. The light colored shirts have a brief message and the sponsors on the back while the dark shirt is well, just dark on the back.

I arranged this deal through cafepress.com. You purchase the shirt through the cafepress.com secure server. Cafepress then sends you the shirt and deals with the shipping. On each of the shirts I have predesignated a portion of the proceeds that will go to the National Parkinson Foundation. That way, with each shirt you help support the NPF in the name of my Paddling For Parkinson's trip and I don't have to deal with the money transfers/shipping. Pretty cool eh?

Here is the link: http://www.cafepress.com/paddlingforpark

You can also purchase the shirts by going to the Sponsors section and clicking on the shirt picture, that link will take you to the same place.
In other news, I have begun organizing all of my food for the first 3-ish weeks of my trip and I am looking for variety. Having done a ton of back country travel in the past, I have my own list of "go to" foods but in light of the fact that I have a blog, I thought that I would ask you all what your favorite back country food recipes were. I am thinking that might help me spice up my own repertoire a bit.

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