Sunday, April 5, 2009

Back To Virginia (trial run with Jared)

Hey all, this is Jared, Joe’s brother and future blogger for the upcoming trip. We thought we’d do a little trial run at this before he heads out in just eight weeks. Well the weather agreed with him this past Saturday and he got the winds he was waiting for to try out his 1.5 sq meter Pacific Action sail. It was sunny enough too for as he puts it, “suns out, guns out.” Joe also took advantage of testing out his VHF radio from Vertex Standard , which worked great and the review will be coming soon to so stay tuned. Also be sure to check out the new Paddling for Parkinson's Facebook group.

The hour and a half trip at Rivanna Reservoir, 10 minutes from the house, was a great way to get back at the paddling after a week back home in Colorado. While back home, Joe had the great opportunity to meet with John Hill and Bill Voloch of HealthOne, who pledged support in the upcoming journey. This is great news as the departure date is getting closer and closer.

As for now, Joe is back to the life of a med student this week with his Orange service surgery clerkship starting. Well, that’s all for the trial run, back to the sunshine in San Diego and I look forward to blogging again as the start day is fast approaching.

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