Sunday, April 19, 2009


I finished up rounds today at a reasonable time so I decided to get out and do some paddling. For the past several weeks I have only had enough time to head out to Rivanna Reservoir, and I had the itch for some bigger water. Lake Anna, a largeish lake north of Charlottesville, was just big enough to scratch that itch.

Orange Surgery, the laprascopic and bariatric service at UVa, has been the service I have been rotating on the past several weeks. I have been privledged enough to be a part of some really cool surgeries, and seen where the cutting edge of the surgical field is. What has been most rewarding though has been seeing patients whom have been really, really sick get better and eventually leave the hospital. I am reminded daily just how lucky I am to be healthy, and how strong some of these injured folks are.

Back to the kayaking. I left Charlottesville around 3pm and started driving up. The drive itself was beautiful, passing through rolling cow pastures and old silos. The weather forecast called for rain, but the sky was still moderately clear so I was excited. It is always fun exploring a new location, and Lake Anna sounded pretty cool.

Lake Anna was originally created in 1971 to serve as the cooling reservoir for Dominion Power's nuclear plant located on the south side of the reservoir. The lake is 13,000 sq acres and is located in the coastal plains of Virginia.
(Dominion Nuclear Power Plant)
I started paddling toward the nuclear plant from my take off at Lake Anna State Park. I paddled for an hour and eighteen minutes past the power plant to a series of three small islands on the north side of the lake. After casually passing by some nesting canadian geese(the raised quite a raucous) I started paddling back. The whole way out I battled a stiff headwind, and on the way back I reaped the bounty of my hard work. Up went my Pacific Action sail and off I went.

That baby really picks up speed when the wind is right! I cut my time by nearly 20 min on the way back which made me happy considering I was starting to get hungry. I hadn't eaten since breakfast in the hospital. Anyhow, I was happy with how "the Mary Agnes" handled on a body of bigger water, especially with stronger winds. Overall, it was a great break from the hospital, and I am excited to head back into the hospital early tomorrow morning.

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