Sunday, March 8, 2009

Paddle Rescue

What is a med student to do when all there is to do is study for USMLE step 2? Go dump themselves in cold, cold reservoir to practice self rescue techniques. Up to this point I haven't been able to get into a pool all winter to practice self rescue. This has been hanging over my head for awhile with my upcoming trip; with the air temps in the mid-70's, and the water temps in the 40's I felt inclined to get a bit wet. Adam Mueller, one of my M.D./PhD climbing friends joined me to video tape the debacle. I was pretty sure he was just interested in watching me freeze. My goal was to practice doing the paddle assisted re-entry. The basic steps are as follows: First, after rolling over, wet exit the boat. Second, flip the boat back over. Third, get out the paddle float, blow it up, and then attach it to my paddle. Fourth, thread the paddle blade through the rear deck bungees. Fifth, slither up onto the back end of my boat, sink my feet into the boat, and then twist into my proper position. Here is the link to the video footage. . Needless to say I froze, but I got some great practice. Now all I need to do is practice getting back into the boat in 30 mph winds and 6 foot swells.

In other news, I am awaiting my new Pacific Action 1.5 sq meter sail which should be coming this week. Tom at Tom's TopKayakShop helped orchestrate the purchase. I am also anxiously awaiting the Standard Horizon HX471S VHF radio which should be here this week as well.

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Anonymous said...

That video clip was great - and now I remember why I don't go swimming in outdoor bodies of water until June :) Congrats on the end of third year, and good luck with boards (as if you need it)!
Laura E