Saturday, December 13, 2008

Gear and other updates

Exciting news! All of my gear donated by NRS and Werner Paddles has shown up. Thank you very much to Jim Miller of Werner Paddles and Casey Worzella and Blake Longworth from NRS for all your work getting me the gear I need.

I also had the opportunity on Monday to go and talk with a local Parkinson Support group here in Charlottesville about my trip. After discussing the trip, the motivation behind the trip, and fielding some questions I had the chance to sit down and talk with some of the members. As I sat and talked, I was once again made aware as to how incredible people are and how Parkinson's is such a frustrating disease. All of the members had such incredible life stories, from being a Burn surgeon, to traveling the world for oil, to just being genuinely passionate about life, and they all had been brought together through the disease that they are facing daily. I was really honored to have been asked to talk and spend time with such wonderful folks.

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Bill Hester said...

Good luck on your efforts. Are you going to be able to email along the way. If so, lets stay in touch as we both will be paddling for our causes. A little cyber encouragement from whatever waterway we both happen to be on.