Friday, November 14, 2008

Kayak Name

After discussion with my grandfather and grandmother Joe and Pat Forrester(in the picture on the right), we decided on a name for my boat. My Storm GT's name will be "The Mary Agnes." Where did that come from? Well, it is a combination of both my grandmother and grandfather's mother's names. My grandpa's mother was "Mary" and my grandma's mothers name was "Agnes" and since they both are a direct linkage to the entire family my grandparents thought it would be a way to honor them. According to my grandparents both were very short women with a great amount of courage and worked very hard throughout their lives. Agnes was 5'1/2" and Mary was 5'1" and they were both born in 1896. I think that this will be a great name for my boat and I am excited that my grandparents had the opportunity to help me out with a name!

Here are some photos of the man who helped inspire the trip, Grandpa Joe Forrester

Well, back to the challenges of my surgery clerkship.......


Bill Hester said...

Great names and very nice site. Smooth journeys.

Whit said...

Man, I wish you luck. This is an epic trip and I will be following your blog. Great name for the boat. Very old timey nautical name. Safe travels.