Friday, September 4, 2009

Rest Day in Venice before the Final Push!


Here is just a quick update, before a blog entry upon Joe’s completion tomorrow morning. Joe did make it to Venice on Wednesday night after a long push. It was a precarious paddle as there were some interesting critters joining him while paddling. Multiple alligators and bull sharks were in the water, making for a stressful day and utter delight upon pulling into Venice late Wednesday. He arrived just as dusk was arriving and was a little stressed by not immediately finding the lodge. After some night time detective work, Joe was able to find the Cypress Cove Lodge and unpacked after the strenuous last few days from New Orleans. He was so relieved to camp up and get some well deserved sleep that he took a rest day today (Thursday) and will be paddling the final 12 mile stretch tomorrow (Friday) morning.

Joe is so excited to see the Gulf of Mexico tomorrow, which will complete his paddle down the Missouri/Mississippi Rivers! Hard to believe that around 3 months ago, with the help of Norm Miller and the older Joe Forrester, he put-in at Three Forks, Montana.

A "clean cut" Joe before departing down the Missouri River on June 2, 2009. Top Picture is with Norm Miller, bottom picture is with our father, Joseph Forrester

In reaching the gulf tomorrow, he will then have to make it back to Venice, LA for pick up. He will hopefully get a ride back from a boat, and if not, he will do the 24 mile roundtrip as the final day of paddling.

We are flying out to New Orleans early tomorrow, which should give us enough time to drive down to Venice, pick Joe up, and drive back to New Orleans before it gets too late. Once back in New Orleans, Joe or I will make a blog entry and look forward to celebrating and updating the community at that time.

One last paddle on,


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